Armida Quartett

This app is our mutual friend! The Henle Library app is exactly what we have been waiting for. It will not only enrich our rehearsals and teaching, but also lighten up our travel luggage! One of the fantastic aspects of the app is how easy it is to annotate the scores (with bowings, fingerings, text). We are very much looking forward to working with this innovation!

Armida Quartet, String Quartet

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Kit Armstrong

The Henle Library app enhances my connection to the music. For example: I can very easily switch between the critical commentary and the score. This sure makes my life easier!

Kit Armstrong, Piano

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Emanuel Ax

The Henle App gives me great pleasure!

Emanuel Ax, Piano

Belcea Quartet

This app is absolutely priceless!

Belcea Quartet, String Quartet

Renaud Capucon

This app is just wonderful!

Renaud Capuçon, Violin

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Sa Chen

Henle has been my great companion for years ! I am simply grateful for this luxury of authentic urtext of so many great works I love, and even more so with the app.

Sa Chen, Piano

Friedemann Eichhorn

This App gives you the possibility to carry a whole library with you.

Friedemann Eichhorn, Violin

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Kirill Gerstein

The new Henle app is a fantastic venture of a traditional publisher and excellent engraving into the digital world.

Kirill Gerstein, Piano

Daniel Hope

This app is my ideal travel companion!

Daniel Hope, Violin

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Zen Hu

With its great app Henle is doing a big service to mankind and to the world of music - my sincere congratulations!

Zen Hu, Violin

Claire Huangci

This app is the perfect fusion of authenticity and cutting edge technology!

Claire Huangci, Piano

Mengla Huang

The Henle App gives me a lot of power in performance and teaching! The personality of music is based on a more precise understanding of the original intent of the work, Henle App can provide us with the most comprehensive technical support, and enable us to connect to the music world of the composer at any time!

Mengla Huang, Violin

Shoko Kawasaki

It’s marvelous in how many ways I can use this app. Anywhere in the world. Just one simple click and the entire Henle Library is at my disposal.

Shoko Kawasaki, Piano

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Sunkwook Kim

I firmly believe that the Henle App will be playing an important role for the advancement of urtext music score for the future.

Sunwook Kim, Piano

Juliana Koch App

I really needed to get the Henle Library App, as it's the digital home for the most frequently played works for oboe.

Juliana Koch, Oboe

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Dejan Lazic

The navigation is so simple to understand, and the extra features are so useful, both for beginners and professionals.

Dejan Lazić, Piano

Robert D. Levin

The Henle Library app is one of the greatest developments in the history of music publishing. Its expert design allows performers flexible opportunities to interact with musical scores in new and stimulating ways.

Robert D. Levin, Piano

Igor Levit

I am completely convinced that this app will become a standard part of music making for all of us.

Igor Levit, Piano

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Dirk Mommertz

A truly well thought out and inspired invention! With an eye to what's essential. Studying, playing, teaching, everything becomes easier and more versatile at the same time!

Dirk Mommertz, Fauré Quartet, Piano

Nils Mönkemeyer

I am especially impressed by the great flexibility of this app. It offers endless variations for individualizing the urtext.

Nils Mönkemeyer, Viola

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Johannes Moser

This app is fantastic!

Johannes Moser, Violoncello

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With the Henle App it feels like connecting the classical music to the digital era.

Novus Quartet, String Quartet

Andreas Ottensamer

This app makes my life much easier!

Andreas Ottensamer, Clarinet

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Emanuel Pahud

This app is great!

Emmanuel Pahud, Flute

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Nicolai Pfeffer

I am convinced that this app with all the many well thought out features will manifest itself among my colleagues and be equally well accepted!

Nicolai Pfeffer, Clarinet

Li-Wei Qin

In music we are all constantly searching for truth, Henle App is our bridge to that ambition!

Li-Wei Qin, Violoncello

Linus Roth

There are many great tools the Henle app provides, I really love using it. What fascinates me most is to be able to change to the fingerings and bowings of different great musicians with just one click within the same piece. This is a unique feature, and can bring solutions and new ideas to my own interpretation of a masterwork. Truly inspiring!

Linus Roth, Violin

Rainer Schmidt

The sharpness and legibility surpass the printed music. It is fantastic to be able to upload fingerings from different master musicians. The option of saving different versions is great for teaching purposes. The zoom function into any spot you wish to focus on is extremely helpful.

Rainer Schmidt, Hagen Quartet, Violin

Arabella Steinbacher

The entire Henle Library app fits into my handbag. That's really fantastic!

Arabella Steinbacher, Violin

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Antoine Tamestit

This is simply wonderful!

Antoine Tamestit, Viola

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Wang Tao

It's a great joy to hold the music scores by G. Henle Verlag. As if I had opened the gate to music.

Wang Tao, Clarinet

Kirill Troussov

Time is one of the most precious things in life. So why waste it looking for my sheet music? Whether in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney or Berlin - thanks to the Henle Library app, I can have all my music with me everywhere I go and at all times.

Kirill Troussov, Violin


Design and function are great, especially the switch function from part to score, or the larger format when you hold the table horizontally. It's great, really it is. And noble.

Tim Vogler, Vogler Quartet, Violin

Yuja Wang

This app is irreplaceable!

Yuja Wang, Piano

Tan Xiaotang

The Henle App is the best companion to interpret classics by authority.

Tan Xiaotang, Piano

Tianwa Yang

It's so easy to turn the pages. Also you can use a 2-finger tap or the bluetooth pedal and it jumps back to the beginning if there's a repeat. And many other great tools. The Henle app is so wonderful!

Tianwa Yang, Violin

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Yijia Yin

Whenever and wherever: you can access to the most trustful Urtext with this App.

Yijia Yin, Piano

William Youn

I think this app is quite fantastic.

William Youn, Piano

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Sheng Yuang

The Henle App: where legacy meets the future.

Sheng Yuan, Piano